Judovski arhiv

One of the priorities of the Center JAS was founding of the Jewish Archives of Slovenia and maintenance of a database on Jewish History and Civilization in Slovenia and in the historically related countries. Through the years of research work members keep collecting archival items on Jewish topics, belonging mainly to the intangible and tangible heritage in Slovenia and wider. The electronic database now contains more than 1500 units and provides resources for further research of the related topics.


Besides publication of the scientific research articles, the center published Tracing Jewish Heritage: A Guidebook to Slovenia, the first cultural guide of Jewish history, culture, economic growth, and the development of the Jewish civilization in Slovenia. Anja and Janez Premk also wrote the book on Maribor synagogue, published by the Institute for Art History in Ljubljana.


In 2009 the center authored an exhibition Tracing Jewish Heritage in Slovenia, which was since shown in many venues, i.e. Maribor Synagogue, Koper Archives, Regional Museum Ptuj, Tic Dolenjske Toplice, Negova castlePrimary School of Drago Kobal in Maribor, Murska Sobota Regional Museum.