About us

Janez Premk

born in 1973 in Kranj, Slovenia, studied art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana; completed part of his postgraduate studies in Jerusalem, Israel. Obtained his PhD in 2005 from University of Ljubljana, having a research status as an assistant professor there for several years. 

In 2010 he co-founded and was appointed a director of the Research and Documentation center JAS. His work involves:

  • managing of the center
  • studies in History and History of Art
  • directing of Jewish Archives of Slovenia, consisting of an electronic database and material holdings
  • documentation and cataloguing documents
  • education
  • heritage tourism (licensed guide).

Anja Premk

born in 1981 in Kranj, Slovenia; studied architecture at The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, graduated in 2005. She worked for the The Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia and made a license in conservation science in 2007.
  • In charge for preparation of the conservation plans
  • providing professional advice and documentation regarding restoration and revitalization of cultural heritage
  • she publishes the first Slovenian blog in the field of conservation science.